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"Why do I get dizzy often?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I get dizzy often?


hi i want know what wrong with me when i sit in chair or ride a bike or sleep and my back is at bed push i get dizy i chec and heart is ok i have asthma


Thanks for your question. There are many different possible explanations for what makes a person dizzy. So it is important to speak with your doctor.

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Often, there are problems related to the heart that cause these symptoms, and so it is good that you have had this checked already. Obviously, there are many things that can cause dizziness inside of the head as well, and a neurologist is often able to help you come to an answer in many of these cases. Surprisingly, migraines and neck problems can both be common causes of dizziness that present in atypical manners and are often overlooked unless carefully considered. In other cases, it is important to remember that the inner ear is one of the balance organs as well, and this can contribute to dizzy sensations when there are problems or damage to this part of the body as well. Often, inner ear causes of dizziness are quite easy to separate from other causes of dizziness, but it may take a doctor who specializes in treating ear problems to recognize it. An ear nose and throat surgeon (AKA otolaryngologist or otolaryngology-head and neck surgeon) could be well positioned to help you answer that question. Again, please speak with your doctor about this question.

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