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"I have had severe left lower abdominal pain with rectal bleeding for 2 days now. Should I go to another ER?"

ZocdocAnswersI have had severe left lower abdominal pain with rectal bleeding for 2 days now. Should I go to another ER?


I went to an ER last night, but they did nothing to help. They only verified that yes I have rectal bleeding. An checked my blood count. When that came back normal they sent me home and said get into see a Gastroenteritis for a colonoscopy ? Should I go to another ER for Evaluation?


I am sorry that you have been experiencing these symptoms and I recommend discussing them with your doctor. I can only imagine that it is very stressful when you are not sure what is going on. You mentioned that you have left lower abdominal pain and rectal bleeding for a few days.

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Any signs of rectal bleeding is concerning. Some of the possible causes of left lower abdominal pain and rectal bleeding is diverticulosis, diverticulitis, infection, colon malignancy. Diverticulosis is usually a painless bleeding. Diverticulitis usually causes left lower abdominal pain but no bleeding. Infection can cause both abdominal pain and bleeding. Colon malignancy can also cause bleeding. It sounds like the ED performed a test called a guiac test where they took a stool sample and tested it to confirm that it was blood. They also checked your blood count which I assume is not terribly low since you did not mention that you were transfused. They then sent you home with plans to follow up with a gastroenterologist to perform a colonoscopy to try to locate the source of bleeding. You continue to have severe left lower abdominal pain and rectal bleeding. If your abdominal pain is changed or worsening compared to when you last when to the ED, I would recommend going back to an ED to get it checked out. Also, if you continue to have large volumes of blood from your anus, you should go back to the ED. Also, you should monitor your temperature. If you have temperature of greater than 100.4 degrees, you should go to the ED.

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