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"I have noticed small blood vessels in my eyes, what should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI have noticed small blood vessels in my eyes, what should I do?


Hello! I'm 17 years old, and I have been wearing contacts for more than 5 years ( I have astigmatism).I don't wear any glasses (just dailies), but I have noticed small blood vessels in my eye. It's not to the point where I look "stoned", but it bothers me and I don't want it to get worst. I act and model and don't want anything to get out of hand. What should I do? Thanks! :)


Thank you very much for your question. I recommend that you see your ophthalmologist. It is not uncommon for irritation to the eye to cause more pronounced redness in the sclera or conjunctiva of the eye.

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In your situation, the "small blood vessels" you are noticing may be a sign of irritation and/or inflammation from contact use. It is important to recognize whether you have pain in your eye, blurry vision, double vision, or difficulty moving your eyes. Do you notice symptoms get worse throughout the course of the day? Do you have a sensation of dry eyes? These are all important questions to relay to an ophthalmologist. You may be experiencing dry eyes from chronic contact use, in which case a lubricating eye drop a few times per day may be helpful. However, it is not possible to rule out a potential infection or other inflammation from potential foreign body to your eye without an eye examination. It is not possible to receive a diagnosis unless you are evaluated by a physician or other qualified health professional. I would recommend that you make an appointment with your ophthalmologist to undergo a complete eye examination to ensure that your eye health is in order. Your vision is important, and your eyes are sensitive organs. Please be sure to seek appropriate medical care in a timely fashion.

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