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"Can one treat cholesterol buildup on the eyelid?"

ZocdocAnswersCan one treat cholesterol buildup on the eyelid?


I'm an early middle-aged guy and I have these bumps developing on my eyelid that I have self-diagnosed (so I'm not 100% confident) as cholesterol deposits. If that is, in fact, what they are, how can I treat them? Is there a way I can treat them myself without taking medications?


The most common cause of bumps below the eyes are probably milia. These are essentially whiteheads - collections of skin oils and other debris - that have closed off permanently and formed small cysts. They can be quite difficult to get rid of, but chemical peels, lancing the individual cysts, and laser treatments are all methods your dermatologist may employ.

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Syringomas also cause whitish bumps, generally also below these eyes. Unlike milia which are closed off skin pores, syringomas are small benign tumors of the sweat glands of the skin. Although they are different in formation, the treatments that are available for them are similar to those for milia. Xanthomas, or collections of cholesterol beneath the skin, look quite different from milia and syringomas. They tend to be much larger, irregular and fleshy, with a yellowish color and can occur anywhere around the eyes. Although they can be surgically removed they tend to recur quite rapidly. As always the diagnosis of your particular condition will require a physical examination by a doctor. Setting up an appointment with you dermatologist might be advised.

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