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"Is there an ADD medication like Adderall that doesn't cause insomnia?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there an ADD medication like Adderall that doesn't cause insomnia?


I am 18 and have been taking adderal IR for three months now for my ADD. Only problem i've had is insomnia. Should I be switched to a different medication or is there a way around it?


You should definitely talk to your doctor. Unfortunately, most of the medications used to help the brain focus are stimulants, which by their nature wake people up. These medications are typically given first thing in the morning to avoid keeping people awake for the entire night.

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However, different people react differently, and it may be possible to adjust the dosing or scheduling of the drug in order to reduce your side effects. Additionally, there may be alternative medications that are not stimulants that may be suitable for you. The possibility of trying such alternative medications, or alternate dosing or scheduling of your Adderall, should be brought up at your next appointment with your doctor. Interestingly, the exact role of medication in ADHD is not entirely clear. While studies have demonstrated that patients benefit from stimulants and other medications, their mechanism of action is not obvious. It appears that in ADHD, there is a relative slowing of development in the parts of the brain that help with impulse control, while there is slightly early development of the parts of the brain responsible for movement. Thus, there is an imbalance between fidgeting and control of impulses. However, it is not clear whether the stimulants and other medications help the function of the different zones of the brain, or actually alter the growth of the responsible brain cells, helping move toward a permanent improvement.

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