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"What symptoms are caused by narrowing of the spinal canal?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat symptoms are caused by narrowing of the spinal canal?


I am a 61 year old female and I have been told I have narrowing of the spinal canal in more than one area of my spine, also that this could affect me with fine motor skills and walking down the road. I'm told this is congenital. Can you provide me with more information on what to expect as my age progresses and what if anything I can do to manage this abd it's progress?


I am very sorry to hear that you were told you have narrowing of your spinal canal in multiple locations, and that you are worried you may develop issues down the road. I am happy to hear however that it doesn't seem that you are suffering from any issues currently which is good. Since I am not privy to your medical records to look through your history, see what kind (if any) procedures you have had done, and what your CT or MRI looks like (I presume that you have had some imaging due to the fact that you know that your spinal canal is narrow), the information I give you will have to be relatively general and not specific just to your case.

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Spinal stenosis, or abnormal narrowing of the spinal column, can occur anywhere along the spine. It happens most frequently in the cervical spine (neck) and the lumbar spine (lower back). The location and severity of the narrowing are what dictate the symptoms of the individual affected. If the stenosis is in the cervical spine, the symptoms may be appreciated in the neck or upper extremities. You are correct in saying that stenosis can potentially affect your fine motor skills. It can cause many other symptoms however such as: pain, weakness, tingling, numbness, etc. Similar symptoms would be found in a lumbar stenosis, except that it would affect your legs. Those are he types of symptoms that you would want to be watching for. If you have more specific questions, I would recommend making an appointment with your general practitioner to be examined. I hope that this is helpful.

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